Co-create Nature offers a broad selection of services that help you grow food (Edible Garden), play in nature (Nature Play) and heal with nature (Therapeutic Garden). We believe that everyone deserves to be surrounded by fresh healthy food and be stimulated by what nature has to offer. Co-create Nature brings nature into all types of environments of various sizes through the design and development of infrastructure, education and maintenance. Locations can include front/back yards, apartment balconies, rooftops, as well as commercial and public space.

The one power we have is the power to create happy and sustainable communities. We have to claim that by re-engaging and re-powering our local communities, we can begin to redesign our society and reverse the damage and suffering globalization has caused for nature, and we are part of nature. – Debbie Han


Our individually customised service begins with consultation on site to discuss possibilities for your new garden. We work with you to incorporate your ideas into a plan for an edible garden to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. We assess your site and suggest elements, features and installations, and recommend plant species to suit your requirements.


An onsite survey and consultation will kickstart the process of designing an edible garden after which a concept plan with base map will be created to be reviewed together with a questionnaire to draft the first design. Final design will be a detailed map with possible additions such as implementation and maintenance schedules, species lists and plant source lists, costing analysis etc.

Following consultation, we help you visualise your new garden by putting on paper the ideas we’ve discussed.


We promptly install your garden or playpace as designed and offer continuous friendly communication throughout this construction period. You can get your own team to construct and we will provide supervision onsite.


New gardens need nurturing. We provide maintenance service in caring for your new plants, and also regular coaching sessions based on your needs.

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