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We need regenerative practices in a circular economy in order to talk about sustainability. Sustainability is not the goal. REGENERATION is. It applies to the way we live regeneratively, and soil is the aggregator of life.
Debbie Han

Composting 101 – Basic, Tips and Tricks

Composting is a closed-looped ecosystem generated by our daily waste by mimicking nature in her way of reducing and reusing resources. This closed-loop cycle provides the plants an abundant and diverse supply of the nutrients they need to grow, thrive and to provide an abundant yield without depleting the soil health.

Self-watering planters for easy vegetable gardening

Self-watering planters have the ability to hold water in a reservoir and this water is then drawn upwards (or wicked) through capillary action that delivers water into the growing medium and to the plants roots keeping your planters consistently moist.