Co-create on Stevens: Nurturing & Growing Your Urban Farm

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Date & Time
  • Sat, 17 August 2019 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Le Balcon, Level 2, Mercure Singapore on Stevens 28 Stevens Rd, Singapore
Co-create on Stevens: Nurturing & Growing Your Urban Farm


Nurturing an urban farm and regrowing from kitchen scraps.
  • How can I sustain and nurture my urban farm? What fertilisers should I use and how can I apply them to my plants? 
  • How can I propagate plant cuttings like herbs? 
  • How can I regrow from kitchen scraps like leafy greens, spring onion, ginger, carrot top, leek, lettuce, pandan and sweet potato?
  • What are the various watering techniques suited for different stages of plant growth? 
  • How can I identify nutrient deficiencies? What solutions are there? 
  • Bonus: Tips to manage pests, insects, diseases, microbes and weeds.

In this session you will learn

Embark on a journey with┬áCo-create on Stevens with┬áthis fun and interactive “Eat Your Garden workshops” complete with hands-on practice.


  • Stem cutting propagation
  • Regrowing from kitchen scraps
  • Fertilization application
  • Watering

Take home:

  • A pot of stem cutting
  • A bag of soil generator for soil enhancement
  • Easy-to-follow handouts for each topic
  • Garden journal

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