A mission centered on empowering every person and every organisation with life skills and knowledge to protect Mother Nature and her children to create a resilient and abundant world by caring for the earth, care for her children and a return of surplus to Earth and people.

Connecting with Mother Nature to evolve with humility, gratitude, reverence, and investing in one’s knowledge and understanding, along with action and responsibility.

We champion co-creating with Nature in growing, designing, learning, playing and healing by working with Nature. We believe every school, every home, every office can have a garden to call their own.

“You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.” ― Geoff Lawton

To do this, we need a shift in our mindsets and to learn real skills to put into action of co-creating with Nature to solve today’s problems for a better world. We provide free online resources and offer training in home gardening, permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and also co-create with you in garden design and related services, and coming up with educational and fun projects with co-creators such as books, games and applications – knowledge and skills that inspire and give you the confidence to create permanently, sustainable and regenerative systems.

“In nature, we experience miracles and we believe in magic. We befriend and work with nature. In the garden, we play pretend, we imagine, we create and we laugh at ourselves; there is fairy dust. People who believe are more resilient because they hope, they cross their fingers, they make wishes and have faith. They recover fast and survive worse. They live in the moment and believe in a better tomorrow. When there is a connection to the source of energy that is Nature, we come alive.” ― Debbie Han

Meet the Co-Creators

Debbie Han

Co-create Nature Founder, Permaculture design


Debbie is a permaculture consultant and designer (Permaculture Research Institute of Australia), designing regenerative and self-sustaining edible gardens, nature playgrounds and therapy gardens based on permaculture principles, and teaches those who are keen in working with nature to grow their own food, play in nature and heal with nature. Apart from growing good food at home for her family, she is focused in doing work that matters for people who care about changing the way we grow and consume our food in urban cities, that is healthy, supportive and beneficial to communities and the ecology.

Edmund Gan

Co-create Nature 'The Soil Guy', Agronomist


Edmund is a certified Agronomist (Australia) with over a decade of hands-on experience in the field of agriculture and consultation. He is most passionate about holistic nutrition and his ability to apply this knowledge into the fields of soil rejuvenation makes him a problem solver for many who have come to him for advice on plant problems and soil nutrient deficiencies. Edmund’s goal is to create a world that is sustainable, safer and nutritiously bountiful for more generations to come.